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The members of the TD


Beatrice Neumeister

The Boss

Creator of the Katzelkraft brand, Béatrice is originally from Paris, she moved to Alsace 20 years ago to marry Christophe.

After ten years of practicing origami, she discovered stamps and card making. In 2004 she created a store on Ebay and distributed unmounted stamps which were then completely unknown in France.

In 2007 the enthusiasm of the customers leads to the creation of the online store. Since then, the brand has evolved, the manufacturing has become entirely managed in our workshop in Alsace.

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Yvonne Van de grijp

Design team member

Yvonne lives in the Netherlands. Creative for as long as she can remember, for the past 7 years the promise of being able to send a handmade Christmas card to a friend is what motivates her addiction and she is proud of it...

Her motto is "being creative is a way of life" and she loves to share her passion on her blog and on Facebook
She loves to find objects that she can recycle and that will find a second life in her creations.
Her style could be described as vintage modern, Victorian, but she also likes all other styles.

Her other hobbies including her blog are charities, cooking, foreign languages (besides Dutch she speaks English, German, Spanish and some French), traveling, gardening, walking in the woods, reading and movies with happy endings.

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Monique Vrijbloed

Design team member

Monique Vrijbloed lives in the Netherlands in a village called Papendrecht next to the famous windmills of Kinderdijk with her husband, 6 cats and 2 dogs

She has two sons who are now on their own. She works 4 days a week but as soon as she gets home she rushes to her craft room.

Creative since she discovered stamps in 2013
She likes to play with stamps, ink and mixed media to make cards. 

Creation is an important part of her life.

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Cornelia Wenokor

Design team member

Cornelia is also known as Fun Stamping, which translates to Stempel Spass, the name of her blog. Originally from Germany, she has been living in New Jersey for the past twenty years with her husband and youngest son, while her daughter lives in England where she is finishing her studies.

Cornelia works full time and enjoys spending her evenings creating cards. She has been an addict for 7 years and mainly does CAS but occasionally experiments with other styles. She likes to tell little stories with her cards, often very funny.

Her other passions are photography, cooking, hiking, biking, reading and classical or ethnic music, not to mention traveling. In short, her days are always too short!

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Rosemarie Gouinaud

Design team member

Originally from Germany (Bavaria), I have been living in France (Charente-Maritime) since 1982 with my husband and my two sons, who have long been flying on their own. I am also the grandmother of two adorable teenagers, a girl and a boy.

I started making cardss in 1998, during our last stay in Africa. Very simple at the beginning and with the means at hand.
It was only in 2005 that I really started making cards on a regular basis. The first ones in 3D, embroidered, embossed... stamps were added at the end of 2011. That's when it became a real passion, which I quickly wanted to share - in early 2012, I created my blog "Let's take time..."
I don't have a particular style, and my cards can be very different from time to time - let's just say it depends a bit on the mood of the moment.

My other passions are tennis, hiking, cooking and entertaining friends over a good meal, gardening, reading and escaping on the internet.