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Who are we?

Katzelkraft it is a small company created by passion.

In 2004 I couldn't find any interesting stamps in France so I first tried to find some in the US and Germany where this hobby was much more developed. So I had the idea to sell a little on Ebay and the customers were so enthusiastic that in early 2007 I decided to create the online store and create my own stamps. 

There was a real demand from French clients because the leisure activities arrived in France before the material. 

Rubber stamps are made in our workshop according to the traditional method used since the 19th century. 

Why rubber? The best answer I could find was given to me by a photoengraver with whom I was discussing the different methods of manufacturing. This charming old man was explaining the different techniques, their advantages and disadvantages, but when I asked him what he preferred, he did not hesitate: 

rubber, because rubber is in love with ink! 

He meant that rubber is a natural and porous material, so it holds ink naturally, unlike clear stamps which are made of polymer and are therefore not porous.

This sentence perfectly sums up the very existence of Katzelkraft, because I am in love with inks, paints and colors in all forms, because in an old video of Tim Holtz you can hear him singing "because I love ink" and it has practically become my motto.

The store is mainly focused on stamps but you will find some items like papers and pigment powders that I have selected for their qualities and that I have personally tested. 

We made the choice to propose only a few products out of the ordinary in order to devote ourselves mainly to the manufacture of stamps. The designs of the stamps are chosen according to my tastes and do not follow the fashions of the moment, throughout the year I find inspiration by visiting sites of artists of all kinds, some collections have been specially designed for the brand by designers from Italy, Ukraine, USA or England 

Our products are now distributed worldwide and it is a great pride to know that on the other side of the world, customers are using our products and enjoying them.