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Doppel ATC
metamorphosis butterfly and insect pads a5
June 27, 2023
Wunderschön, vielseitig und beste Qualität!
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Metamorphosis - Butterfly and insect stamps A5 photo review
3 August 2022
A beautiful set. Great quality at a very affordable price!
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Metamorphosis - Butterfly and insect stamps A5 photo review
Sandra K
26 June 2022
Best quality, great value for money, ideal for art journals
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Metamorphosis - Butterfly and insect pads A5


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Butterfly and insect stamps, 9 different designs on an A5 sheet

Butterfly stamp, day butterfly, ladybug stamp and others, all will be of the most beautiful effect cut and glued in 3D

To make the example card of the image gallery:

I used the large butterfly stamp on the bottom of the board. I first stamped the butterfly with Versamark ink, you can of course use any embossing ink. I chose a black paper but you can choose another color without any problem.
Once I printed my butterfly stamp I immediately covered it with Frosted Crystal embossing powder from Ranger. This powder gives a matte and grainy finish and is essential for the technique presented here, to my knowledge there is no alternative to this powder.

Now we must emboss our image, the trick is to heat only the bare minimum, with your hot air gun you must stop heating as soon as the powder becomes transparent, indeed if you continue to heat the powder becomes shiny and you lose all the desired effect.

The next step is to add colored eyeshadows, you can use different iridescent powders for creative hobbies but you will find in supermarkets very colorful and very cheap makeup palettes, here the quality does not matter. Using a small brush or foam you add your colors where you want, the colors overflow from the pattern but we will fix that in the next step. Once your colors are applied, take the heat gun and warm up the pattern a little, the goal is that the embossing powder melts slightly and sticks to the colored shadows.

The last step is to erase the powders that have overflowed, to do this you will use a breadcrumb eraser, this artist's eraser can remove the pencil and charcoal but here it will remove the colors very easily. Make a ball between your fingers and roll it all over the design, all the blush that is not stuck to the embossing powder will stick to the eraser. As soon as your gum is "dirty" you knead it again between your fingers and it becomes clean again.

Find all the video tutorials on our YouTube channel

Card made by Béatrice for Katzelkraft

This beautiful board was designed by Isabelle who you can find on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

FB: @Isa.C.ArtandCraftArt     IG: @isa.c.craft   YouTube: @Isa.C Art & Craft

To be mounted on EZmount foam (sold separately) for use on acrylic block

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