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Hello everyone!

katzelkraft day - Vintage Car - Brusho trifft katzelkraft, den französichen Stempelhersteller und gehen eine Liaison ein. - Idee Daniela Rogall

I played with Brusho again and created some backgrounds with sea green and orange.

Sea green split to green, light green and yellow, orange split to orange, light orange and red.

It is fun to see many reactions when water meets Brusho.

I cuted my backgrounds in squares and stamped the Vintage Car Collage of one square. With waterbrush I goes in the areas of the car, and painted it only with water. Some of the details sketched with a graphite watercolour pen.

When the square is ready, I mounted onto a other Brusho background square.

At last I put it onto Cardstock and gave it the final touch.


Following stamp I used:





Thanks for looking!


Daniela Rogall - Artist, Autor, Demonstrator, Produkttester

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