Mixed Media – Springtime (Dani)

katzelkraft day - Springtime - Mixed Media Bild Kombination aus Paper Crackle, Motivstempel, Papier und anderen Materialien - Idee und Umsetzung Daniela Rogall

It is springtime!

I created my sample for you and send greetings from Germany!

My Mixed Media picture was created with Paper Crackle (color for crackle effects), pictures and scraps, 3D Stamp Paint, stencil and some rubber stamps.

My favorite images found I at

http://www.katzelkraft.fr/fr/tampons-stamp-art-a5/5380-les-anthropomorphes-rabbit-a5-tampon-scrapbooking-ktz133.htmlLes Anthropomorphes Rabbit – KTZ133

031415_1620_Forevergear6.jpg Steamkatz – KTZ123

chrono-a5-tampons-dcoratifs-ktz122Chrono – KTZ122

tampon-scrap-corbeaux-silhouette-tampons-scrapbookingCorbeaux silhouette – MINI44

Have a wonderfiul Tuesday and a great week!


Daniela Rogall - Artist, Autor, Demonstrator, Produkttester

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