Rust Time – Mannequin

Mannequin - Daniela Rogall

Do you like the look of rust?
I love to create artwork with rust effects. I love to work with Original Rust!

Original Rust is a granulate to create a wonderful rusty look on many surfaces.


My sample is created with Original Rust on metal foil.

You can use craft metal foil or household aluminium foil. I worked with household aluminium foil.

I glued the foil to cardstock which I crumpled a little. Rub the Original Rust over the surface with your fingers.

For a more interesting effect I sprayed some water on the surface …

and wiped over the Original Rust layer again with my finger. Let it dry.

After drying you must fix the Original Rust layer with a ficative for pastel or acrylic paint.

In this step I stamped some images in the background with Archival Ink.

I created my own embellishments, hearts and gears.

 I stamped the mannequin image on a bookpage and on a mica tile and painted it with a thin layer of 3D stamp color in lime green metallic.

For the finishing touch I adhered the embellishments and the mannequin elements onto the background.


Rubber Stamps I used:
Tampon mannequin vintage 123-04
Tampon fond écritures 123-01

… or as rubber stamp plates
Steamkatz – A5 – Tampons décoratifs – KTZ123

I wish you a wonderful day!




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