Katzelkraft meets Pan Pastel BNL!

What a surprise: a new DT for me!

Pan Pastel BNL!

A birthday gift, as it is my birthday today…..

In the past Pan Pastel did not have a team in Europe, so I wouldn’t have minded being in the DT for Pan Pastel UK, but now that isn’t necessary any more….

I hope that you get inspired by my creations with the stamps from Katzelkraft and Pan Pastels …

I have a tutorial for you today!



  • Step 1:  Stamp with versamark, and then apply the lightest Pan Pastel used here, the Chrome ox. green 660.5  with the applicator to the leaves. Continue with the darker beautiful green – Phtalo green 620.5. This way you get a variation in the greens. Colour the flowers with Red Iron Oxide (380.5); my favorite color; also add a touch of it to the leaves…

PS – As you can see I always start with a bigger piece of cardstock than I need. Only after I know exactly where I’d like the focal point to be, I cut it to the required size.

  • Step 2: To get some depth, I add some darker color to the images, by accentuating it with a brown marker. By rubbing over it with you finger in the direction the mark is going, you can make it a bit more subtile.
  • Step 3: The Carte Postale text has been done in the same way as in step 1. It was time to fixate it now.
  •  Step 4 : People that know me, know that I like to use texts and scripts. I don’t owe a darkbrown or black Pan Pastel, so I decided to stamp the script with a solvent ink. I always enjoy to see that it makes the different parts of it come together.

  • Step 5 : Color the scrappers floss with Pan Pastel Red Iron Oxide 380.5 by covering the floss with versamark first.
  • Stap 6 : Draw a doodle with a dark brown marker, the same one I mentioned in step 2. On the edges, add some versamark with a versamark pen, and color it with the 3 colors Pan Pastels that were used in the previous steps.

  • Step 7: finishing touch.. Punch a little hole in the card to put the scrappers floss through, and tie it with a little knot. Cut the ends to be of differnt lenghts. Paperdistress the edges with a paperdistresser. Adhere it to a card.


STAMPS USED: (click on picture)


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